DIY Christmas Ornaments in 4 Easy Steps

Looking for a fun project to do with your family and friends over the holiday? Or maybe your Christmas tree is just looking a little empty this year? We’ve got the perfect activity for you. With PicCollage you can create fun, festive ornaments for your tree in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Create a PicCollage! We recommend checking out our greetings templates for something extra merry.

*We think pet ornaments are always fun! We used photos of some of our favorite Insta-celebs and @piggyandpolly in the collages above!

Step 2: Print out your collage using the “Print at Home” Feature in PicCollage

Step 3: Grab some scissors and fun ribbon and start crafting! Simply cut a small hole at the top of the collage and string the ribbon through!

Step 4: Hang on tree!

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