PicCollage + SnapChat = #MathSnaps

By Heidi Samuelson

Tara Martin is the creator of #BookSnaps and shared some of her ideas in a post that really caught my attention and got me thinking about how students could appsmash PicCollage and SnapChat to create a math task for the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge.

My students LOVE using PicCollage to create math tasks to share with students across the globe, but I want them to start incorporating “real world” numbers into our challenge creations this year.

My goal is to have families share pictures from their travels, walks, outings, etc with numbers that they find in the real world they experience everyday! The students will then take those images and create math tasks based on the numbers in the photo.

They can totally create the entire #mathsnap using just PicCollage…

First airdrop the photo to the iPad the student is using.

Then open PicCollage Kids and set that photo as the background.

Now you’re ready to add in a math task using the numbers in the photo to create the task. My students willl be starting with ways to make the number 24 using 4 numbers in the photo….so the challenge for my families will be to send me a photo that has 4 numbers they find in the real world around them.

Students can add stickers, text, doodles, and even clip a picture of themselves into the photo using the PicCollage Kid tools.

Finished pictures can be shared on Seesaw for other classmates to solve or with a global audience on Twitter using the hashtags: #gmttc24 #mathsnaps.

If you want to appsmash the photo with SnapChat, students can add in more emojis and create a different feel to the photo before sharing.

SnapChat filters can be used on a photo and saved to the camera roll without ever having to send the photo to anyone.

I’m excited to see what #mathsnaps my students will come up with this year!

Be sure to tag my students on Twitter (@swampfrogkids) and we’ll try to solve your challenges and share back our learning!

Enjoy your day!

Heidi Samuelson is a fourth grade teacher who enjoys sharing ideas and activities with teachers across the globe. Heidi shares presentations on ideas for technology integration and activities with her school district as well as in webinars like “Classroom Live 2.0”.  You can find many of her shares on the blog, “Mrs. Samuelson’s Swamp Frogs”. She is a Seesaw and PicCollage Ambassador. Heidi works with Beverly Ladd to keep “The Global Math Task Twitter Challenge” going strong. Connect with Heidi to “Share the Learning” on Instagram (@swampfrogs)

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