Spelling with a Digital Twist

Hi, It’s Anita Goodwin here and I blog at Goodwinnovate. Today I have some fun ideas to give your spelling a digital twist.

Do your students have spelling words to practice? If not maybe you have your students practice spelling high frequency words correctly. PicCollage Kids is the perfect app to have your kids practice any word work words and be creative at the same time. I love using the newest Doodle feature which allows you to write on the collage to have my your students practice spelling words. The new alphabet stickers also make spelling practice collages look super cool. At my school we follow a basal spelling program but I’ve also had students practice high frequency words or sight words, too. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 10 word lists students can add as many words as they need. Keep reading to see some new ideas to practice spelling with PicCollage Kids.

To get started all you need to do is tap open your PicCollage Kids app. Select freestyle. Then tap the plus and pick a background. Now you are ready to type or write your words and make a Spelling Collage.

You can draw different colors on black for a cool effect. Use the sticker letters to make word families and then circle the family with the doodle pen when you are finished. Mix written words, typed words, and sticker made words.

You might even add yourself to your spelling word collage. You can also write your spelling words and then type rhymes to go with them. Try it out with my Freebie Templates.

I have 2 freebie templates for you to get you started. To get your freebie scan the code below or have your students scan it. Tap the download arrow, then tap the square and arrow at the bottom of the page. Next save the image to your camera roll. Add your photo to Pic Collage and save as a background image. Now you are ready to type or write your words and decorate.

You can also check out my other templates in my set here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Happy Creating!!

Anita Goodwin is a PicCollage Teacher Ambassador. Be sure to check out her Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for more techie ideas.

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  1. Wow! That’s amazing. Truly appreciated. Now kids will start to think learning spelling is fun! 😂

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