Clips Videos with PicCollage Kids!

By Traci Piltz

I’ve discovered two awesome tools this summer that I am super excited about:

1) The Apple Clips app

2) The doodle tool that’s now featured in the app PicCollage Kids. The ability to doodle, write or draw directly onto a collage opens up so many opportunities for our kids to learn and create using Pic Kids. The short Clips video below shares some ideas for integrating the doodle tool into teaching and learning.

This quick video tutorial was made using the Apple Clips app, as well as collages made in PicCollage Kids, then saved to the camera roll of my iPad and uploaded into the Clips app. The ability to create a collage in Pic Kids, save it, then change something small or add a little detail (without having to start over from the beginning) makes it a perfect partner for creating in Clips or other video making tools.

Your students could easily tell stories by creating illustrations in PicCollage Kids, then uploading and narrating using the Apple Clips app. This could also be a fun way for teachers to share information about what is happening in their classrooms (PicCollage + Clips newsletters!), and showcase student work in their classroom. Search #ClassroomClips on Twitter for tons of Clips examples and ideas, and #PicCollageChat for more awesome ways to use the doodle tool and PicCollage Kids in your classrooms.

Happy creating!

A kindergarten teacher at heart, Traci Piltz now work as a technology integration specialist for K-2 teachers in her district. She loves how technology transformed her kindergarten classroom into a place where students could learn, create and share in brand new ways! As a PicCollage, Seesaw and Book Creator Ambassador, it makes her happy to share meaningful ways these apps can be used in classrooms! You can connect with her on Twitter @TraciPiltz, by email or on her blog.

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