Making The Best PicCollage Possible

One of our goals at PicCollage is to build a community of kind, creative people who support their fellow users. We want the app to be a safe space where people can express their ideas and creativity, and connect with awesome people around the world. However, when you build a community of millions of people, negativity can sometimes creep in. When we hear reports of bullying and people being not so nice, we want to put a stop to it. So this week, we’re focusing on the good and working to end the negativity.

Do you want to help keep the PicCollage community kind and safe, and to report users who aren’t doing this? 

Sign the pledge.

Join us in pledging to act in a way that improves our community, and to let us know when you are seeing behavior that doesn’t belong in the PicCollage family. We need your help to make PicCollage the best app possible!


And in the spirit of focusing on the good, we asked you guys to share what makes the PicCollage community great. Here were some of our favorite answers. We <3 our users and can’t wait to see more of this positivity.

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  1. Hi. I want to tell you that I have been waiting for this to happen because it is such a great idea. I signed the pledge and I 100% agree that PicCollage should be a positive community. Positive vibes people!😀💕

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