PicCollage Mega Collab!

Recently, a group of awesome PicCollagers got together to create the biggest collab in PC history!  20 girls worked together to create a single collage with a unified style.

PicCollage Collab
In order from left to right. Leila101, Beachloverforlife, Annaawsome322, Kawaiicats27, Skinkz, Gatheringblue, Cool60, Twilight_pastel, Pastel_ocean, Oceanss, Castlescience, Bluewatersforever, The_wind, Adapting, Bananas9, LA_boutique. Pngs: Rosegold18 & NightProwess. Quote: Tropical_dreams. Filter: Iswifty.

It all started when Leila101 had the idea to break the record on PicCollage for most girls making one collage, which was 15 at the time. “At first I was just going to do 16, but I thought, nah, we can do better than that!” she says.

“ALOT of girls volunteered. I picked the ones whom I thought would be the best for the “collab”. Within about a week it was finished! Iswifty did the color editing/filtering at the end! She was the 20th girl! I was the 1st.”

What advice does she have for someone who wants to do their own collab? “Well, first of all, you’ll need a big team of very talented girls, which I was thankful to have! You’ll need to do some serious planning, and keep your cool when things go wrong! As I know from experience that they will. In the end though, everything turned out perfect!”

We love the idea of PicCollagers from all over collaborating to create amazing collages! What do you think? Will you try a collab?

10 thoughts

  1. I LOVE this Mega Collab! Even though I wasn’t a part of it, I was still excited to see the ending result! Good Job Guys!!

  2. That looks really cool! MUS1CAL and I have made a mega collab account for fall, so we are going to try to see if we can break this record 😀

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