Update to PicCollage EDU

As you may have noticed, PicCollage EDU now costs $1.99 to download. Before we go on, don’t worry! Anyone who already had the app will not be affected by this change and you will be able to continue using the app as you always have AND update to the latest features without paying. Going forward, PicCollage EDU will have some additional features, including:

  1. New design to match the current PicCollage interface
  2. Doodle feature
  3. NO watermark and NO ads ($1.99 to remove in PicCollage)
  4. 2 FREE sticker packs (which are not free in PicCollage) – Alphabet Pack (currently $1.99) and the Baby Animals Pack (currently $0.99)

As we look towards the future, we see tremendous opportunity for PicCollage EDU to become an important educational tool in classrooms across the world. We are excited to tailor the app to schools and to work with amazing teachers to continually improve and to develop exciting new tools that both students and educators will love. But in order to do this, we need to put additional resources behind the app, from designers to developers to product managers.

As it currently stands, in-app purchases (IAPs) make up the majority of our revenue for PicCollage. Given that VPP does not support in-app purchasing, we do not currently bring in any revenue here and, as a result, we have fewer resources to improve and maintain PicCollage EDU.

We originally launched this app as an experiment to see if there was a market for a “safer” version of PicCollage, and we’ve been blown away by the response from the education community. As we’ve learned more about the landscape and have gotten to know the amazing teachers out there, we’ve come to see the potential in developing an app that is even more robust and provides teachers with tools that help to streamline lessons in a way that no app has before. We’re really excited about this direction and about being able to shift our focus to make PicCollage EDU even more useful and fun.

Please feel free to comment below or to reach out to us on Twitter. Thanks for your continued feedback and support. We’re always listening and learning.

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  1. Hi, just updated my kids iPad to pic collage kid, but she would like to keep the collage she made on the free version. Is it possible to transfer them from pic collage to pic collage kid? Thanks. Sonia

    1. Hi Sonia, thanks for writing! Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to transfer the original collages from PicCollage to PicCollage Kids. We are working on a way to do so in the future, but it might be a few more months. I’m very happy to hear that your daughter enjoys using PicCollage!

  2. My Tech specialist down loaded the regular app by mistake on my 3rd grade set of ipads last spring. We are not allowed to purchase apps. I need to switch out the regular vision and was hoping you could help my classroom out. Today, the regular pic collage app brought up an add for birth control. We use the regular pic collage app on a regular basis, but I can no longer use it with the adds and I can’t purchase the kid version.

  3. We purchased PicCollage Kids at our school and love it. The students use it on their iPads. Now it seems to be gone. It looks like it’s replaced with PicCollage EDU. How do I get the licenses we purchased transferred over, so I can install it on the student’s iPads?

    1. Hi Evelyn, we changed the name of PicCollage Kids to PicCollage EDU, but the app has the same functionality and you should be able to use it without issue. Please send us a message at the link here with screenshots of what you are seeing and we’ll help you get to this sorted out: http://bit.ly/1i9MUHP


  4. Pic Collage EDU comes with 2 free sticker packs. Instead of using stickers why not just use free .png images for example? Is there some concrete difference?

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