If you’ve checked out the sticker store recently, you’ve probably seen the Endangered pack from LA-based illustrator Cecilia Fletcher, aka CECIMONSTER, featuring adorable land and sea creatures drawn in her unique style. Today her background pack Windstruck launches in PicCollage, so we sat down with Cecilia to learn more about her background (no pun intended) and what she’s loving right now.

1. Describe yourself in 5 words

A very methodical risk taker.

2. When did you know you were going to become an artist and what is your background?

I always knew I was a maker. I loved drawing and building, but my family are all scientists, so it took a long time to realize my path was to make art. I took lots of after school and community college classes when I was in high school to make sure I wanted to do it. Then I picked an art school (RISD) and hit the ground running.

3. Favorite sticker from your Piccollage pack?

I love my tiger — he has sweet eyes.

4. Create a collage with your stickers 🙂Inline image 1

This is my cat Madeleine studying my creations.

5. Favorite artist and favorite piece of art

This is an impossible question, there are too many amazing people! Lotte Reiniger has to be one of my enduring inspirations. She was endlessly creative and a total pioneer of new techniques. She made cutout puppets at the turn of the century and decided to turn them into some of the most incredible animated films ever. She didn’t let war or sexism stand in the way of her art.

Favorite piece of art is also too hard, so I picked an immersive experience! If you visit the Metropolitan Museum in New York and wander in to the Ancient Near Eastern Art wing (Gallery 401), you get to experience life-sized Assyrian stone reliefs. Depicted are humans and fantastical creatures — sphinx-like lamassu and eagle-headed winged people. I get chills imagining how artists of the past interpreted the world and lived lives so different than ours. But when you consider the breadth of our imagination, we are really not that different at all!

6. Song of the summer?

Oh man, the new “Baby Driver” soundtrack is rocking my world in the studio this summer.

7. Style icon?

Kimmy Schmidt.

8. Drink of choice

Coconut La Croix

9. Words you live by?

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