PicCollage Kids & Gameboards!

By Heidi Samuelson

Students are having fun creating game boards using PicCollage Kids for an end of the year review.

Using the web search tool, students can search for different colors of papers and then clip the papers to the shapes they want to create their game boards.

Students can add stickers and words to add fun & excitement to their game boards.


Once they have their boards created, they save the PicCollage to the photos.

To play with the game board virtually, students must open a new PicCollage and insert the photo of the game board they created. Setting this picture as the background allows the students to upload “virtual markers” and move them on the game board as they play the game.

Students can use dice and task cards as they play the game and move their markers along the game boards.

To make the virtual marker, kids can take a photo of a stuffed animal, book, or themselves to upload and clip to move around the board.

I’m planning on having the kids upload images of their completed boards into our class Google Drive. Then they can play with more game boards by uploading the images to PicCollage.

Checkout some of their designs…They’re creating task cards to go with them as well for our math skill review. Love it when my kiddos create to share their knowledge!



Heidi Samuelson is a fourth grade teacher who enjoys sharing ideas and activities with teachers across the globe. Heidi shares presentations on ideas for technology integration and activities with her school district as well as in webinars like “Classroom Live 2.0”.  You can find many of her shares on the blog, “Mrs. Samuelson’s Swamp Frogs”. She is a Seesaw Ambassador and the Co-Creator of “The Global Math Task Twitter Challenge”. Connect with Heidi to “Share the Learning” on Instagram (@swampfrogs) and Twitter (@swampfrogfirst).

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