Using PicCollage for Word Study Practice

By Julie Smith

The different grid layouts available in PicCollage make great sorting mats for all sorts of academic concepts. I especially love for students to use these layouts for word study sorts and vocabulary posters.

The grid lines help students keep their text and images in line. When they save their creations to the camera roll, the lines disappear.

In this example, you can see that some of the root words have to drop the “e” since it follows a consonant. The student made these specific words stand out by changing the background color of the text to be RED. The teacher was able to quickly scan the sort to see if students understood that spelling rule.

In this example, the student was able to add images to make their word sort more visual.
Recently PicCollage pushed out an update which included a new drawing tool in the main menu.
It would be fun to have students turn vocabulary words into visual representations of the meaning and add a sentence using the word in context:
They could use the drawing tool and/or the image search to add decorative elements to their word. Here are a few more:
Students could take their work a step further and combine all of their vocabulary posters into one collage like this:
I blogged more about this activity over on my blog. Click HERE to check it out!
How else could we use PicCollage for word study?


Julie Smith is an elementary Instructional Technology Consultant from Saline, Michigan. She works with teachers and students in PreK-5th grade. Julie is the author of the blog, The Techie Teacher and is a PicCollage Ambassador. You can also follow her on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube and Pinterest.

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