“When I Grow Up” Projects with PicCollage

By Kami Butterfield

Our counselor has some wonderful ideas about getting our students excited about careers. He uses the website, http://www.bls.gov, to help the students find lots of information about different types of careers. It is easy to navigate and pretty kid-friendly if you ask me. He does this career graphic organizer with them every year so I decided to amp it up last year to add to the excitement of the project.

Have your students go to the BLS website and find the STUDENTS section. Here they will see the words, STUDENT RESOURCES. This will navigate them to specific interests. This will take them to career explorations and items they are interested in.

“When I Grow Up” Projects Galore

If you go to my TPT store, you can grab this graphic organizer for Pic Collage for FREE.  You will add the graphic organizer to the background in the app.  Once it is set as background, students can add photos and text.  This allows them to create their own job interests with photos and text allowing for student creativity and ownership.  The picture on the left shows you an example of a completed graphic organizer.  You can do this digitally or run the paper off for them to add their facts.  Completely up to you but we love the #paperless way with APPITUDE!

We Took It A Step Further with PicCollage and ChatterKids

How fun are they!  Find a picture of occupation and replace their face with yours…They love this!

Kami Butterfield is a 21-year veteran third grade teacher in Baxter Springs, KS.  This February, she is being recognized as a Midwest Technology Conference Spotlight Educator. She has 1:1 iPads in her classroom and she presents professional development to teachers who are interested in using the iPad in their classroom to enhance current curriculum.  Her model classroom is paperless and many educators come to visit her classroom on a yearly basis.  She is big advocate of apps used in the classroom.  She is a PicCollage Ambassador, Classkick mentor, Seesaw Ambassador, Wonderbox Ambassador, and her class has been featured on the iteachtvnetwork and the DITTY app.  She is also the author behind the blog, Teaching with APPitude!

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