Create a Dr. Seuss Book Cover with PicCollage

By Anita Goodwin

Hi, It’s Anita here from I Live 2 Learn I Love to Grow. I love creating with apps especially Pic Collage Kids. This week we are creating a fun little project to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s 113th birthday and Read Across America. We have been making up our own silly book titles and then creating a cover using FREE Dr. Seuss apps and Pic Collage. What a fun app smash!!

This post includes steps and samples of 2 different project ideas. You can create a new Book Cover Collage (with 3 photos) or just a new Book Cover. Your Pic Collage page will be the book cover.

New Book Cover Collage Project: 

First you need to download Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss which is an iPhone app. If you change your iPad to iPhone only (in the top left hand corner) you can get this app on your iPad. When you open the app it lets you take a picture with the backgrounds. You can lay the iPad down or cover up the camera to get a plain black background with the characters. Then you can tap the pencil to get rid of the text and you just have some plain backgrounds to add your own text. Save the photo you made to your camera roll.

For the Book Cover Collage you need 3 pictures.

1. A picture of the cover of the Dr. Seuss book that inspired your new title.

2. The new book title photo you made in the Dr. Seuss Camera app.

3. A photo of yourself with space above your head so you can draw a hat on your head with the drawing tool in Pic Collage.

Insert your 3 photos to Pic Collage Kids. You will have to crop the extra off of the birthday card photo you made in the so it just give you a rectangle shaped photo without all the extra things. On the photo you inserted of yourself draw a red and white striped hat.  Double tap the photo and tap on effects then pic the draw tool to draw it. Then export this photo collage to your camera roll and set as a background. Insert it back into Pic Collage Kids to type your Book Title. Its also fun to create a pen name like Dr. Seuss did. He wrote some books under the name Theo Lesieg which is Geisel his last name spelled backward. My students spelled their last names backward on their book covers.

These are samples of the two different projects. The top photo is the book cover collage. The bottom photo is the sample of the book cover page.

Book Cover Project Idea:

First you need to download Dr. Seuss Color and Create app. Use the coloring pages to color characters for your new book cover. Save each photo to your camera roll. Add the photos to your Pic Collage Kids app and create your new book cover.

I hope your students have fun being creative making some of these projects. They might even be inspired to make their own Dr. Seuss project.

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