Guest Post: Create memories on Valentine’s Day with Pic Collage

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a day to celebrate love with people you care about and especially your significant other. Now that you’ve had your date planned out and gifts for him/her all prepared, what can be better than keeping your memories with pictures? Valentine’s day should be fun, romantic and also memorable – this is why PicCollage is the perfect app for you to build memories. Here are a few ways you can use PicCollage to enhance your pictures – making them original, romantic and something special just between the two of you.

Inspirations for Valentine’s with Pic Collage

Have fun with your selfies!

Use the Valentine’s Day special templates and have fun with your selfies – show the personality of your relationship with the large selection of fun stickers. You can also easily enhance and add filters to your photos to match you and your partner’s style.


Write a personal message on your Valentine’s Day card or share a quote you love.

There’s no better time to express your love and pour out your feelings to your partner. Don’t want to say it out loud or buy a generic Valentine’s Day card? Create your own card on the app and add a personalized message – thank your partner for a wonderful date on Valentine’s Day and all the great moments you’ve spent together!

Sometimes pictures tell a thousand words…but sometimes words just describe the relationship better! Use the text function on the app to add a quote that describes your relationship and your personalities.

You can also print your design straight from the app easily to create a unique Valentine’s Day card.


Valentine’s Day moments

Walk down memory lane … with the help of PicCollage! Save the memories of where you and your partner spent the day. Dinner at your favorite restaurant and short walk down the streets … mark the date and location on the collage – a photo of the street view will help to preserve this sense of cozy, romantic atmosphere!

Save the small moments of the special day – take a picture of the dinner table, a bouquet of flowers, a gift ribbon that you want to keep as souvenir…. Anything that is only shared between the two of you. Use the grid function to showcase all the special moments or exchange of gifts all at once.


Showcase your Valentine’s Day meal!

Whether you decided to surprise your partner with a delicious home-cooked meal, or you’re dining out to celebrate this special day, use the large selection of background designs and grid templates to showcase your meal. Add a filter to your food pic to make it even tastier than it already is!

We love the large selection of Valentine’s Day themed stickers that will definitely add something special and unique to your designs. You can also easily share all your special moments on social media after you’ve created the slideshows and photo collages.

We hope you’ll enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Don’t forget to have fun with Pic Collage’s Valentine’s Day special stickers, backgrounds and templates, and get in the mood for love!


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