PicCollage Teacher Ambassador Program

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Teacher Ambassador Program! A while back we noticed that our Twitter feed was full of teachers from all over the world sharing the creative ways that they were using PicCollage in the classroom. So we thought, “How can we improve PicCollage to make it even better for teachers and students to use?” And the Ambassador Program was born.

Ambassadors get an official Ambassador Badge for their websites, early access to our new educational app, the ability to contribute to the PicCollage blog, and access to a private Ambassador Slack channel to connect with the PicCollage team as well as other Ambassadors. Oh, and did we mention the free SWAG??

In return, Ambassadors will be expected to use PicCollage regularly in the classroom, attend periodic training webinars, provide feedback on new products, and share the app on social media.

Interested in joining us? Apply here!

And make sure to use the hashtag #PicCollageEDU on social media so that we see all of your great projects!

3 thoughts

  1. I’m very interested in becoming a PicCollage Ambassador! I applied a few months ago but was wondering if there was anything else I need to do or if I somehow missed the next step! Thank you for your time!

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