Shape Animal Poetry with PicCollage Kids

By Anita Goodwin

Pic Collage Kids is such a versatile app. We use it all the time in our classroom to app smash with lots of other apps to make some really cool projects. Check out this post to see how to use it with Emojis. How about this post for ways to use it with the Pic Collage stickers? Here’s another post using it to make a noun collage.

This post is all about using the app Pic Collage Kids to make some shape animals in 6 simple steps. The books Color Zoo and Color Farm by Lois Ehlert are simple books for very young children or even babies but can be used to get ideas to make your own shape animals. You don’t even need the books just links to the videos to show your students. Check out this video showing the book Color Zoo. It goes through the pages of the book and shows the animals and the shapes. You could turn off the sound if you think it is to elementary for your students. The reason for showing the pages of the book is to help students get ideas for the animals they will create. In this video the book color farm is being read to a baby. Again turn off the sound and just look at the animal ideas.
This project can be as simple or advanced as you want to make it. By creating more complex poetry or animals for older students or simple poetry and simple animals for younger students. But all you need it the app and some creativity. So let’s get started.
I hope your students have lots of fun making animal shape poems with the Pic Collage Kids app.


Anita Goodwin is a 2nd grade teacher who is super excited to be an Ambassador for Pic Collage. Follow her on her blogInstagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to get lots more ideas to use Pic Collage Kids in your classroom in the future.

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