Make your own holiday card within 1 minute! (We show you how.)

Christmas is coming close than ever, which means SANTA will be here before you know it! Within my family and friend group, they’ve always seen me as one of Santa’s helpers. I love giving out gifts, picking out individual cards for each person, and creating invitations for events we host in the house! All these cards take a great deal of time to make, hand-write, and send out.. so that’s when PicCollage came to the rescue (again!).

Here are the 3 types of cards I created for my family members, friends, and invitation to my gift exchange!

Let’s start out with the easiest one.IMG_6213.PNG
Card for my Friends [Time: 1 Minute] As millennia’s,  my friends and I would post our Christmas cards on Facebook and tag each other.
Here’s how I made mine this year.
1) Saved 3 photos we took from last year
2) PicCollage -> Templates
3) Select my favorite template
4) Added my image
5) Click Done -> Select Facebook to share

Card for my Family Members [Time: 5 Minutes] As the only tech savvy female in my family, I’ve taken the liberty to create annual Christmas Cards that my family can attach to the presents.
1) Start with Freestyle!
2) Choose a background [In my example, I used Holiday on Hearth] 3) Add in my family image [I turned on my border to give it a more ‘card’ feeling] 4) Here comes the tricky part: I want to create my card in landscape mode, so I’ll be rotating my phone 90 degrees and rotating all my images 90 degrees as well.
5) Generally on landscape cards, the writing goes on the right side of the card so I’ve added a text box to write out my message.
6) Now here comes the fun part! Decorating. I’ve added a few stickers [Holiday Greetings + Christmas Snow sticker packs] 7) After I’ve finished, I clicked ‘Done’ -> Save to Library
8) Last and final step, In my iPhoto library, I rotated my image one time 90 degrees so it’s now a landscape Christmas card!
We’ll be printing out these cards to attach to the presents.


Invitation Card for my Party [Time: 3 Minutes] A party isn’t a party without… AN INVITATION! Check out this quick and simple invitation I created for my Gift Exchange party.
1) I took a picture of my Christmas Tree
2) PicCollage -> Freestyle -> Square Image
3) I added my picture and clicked ‘Clip’ -> You can choose whichever clipping frame you’d like.
4) Lastly, I added the most important part of the invitation: the time and location!
5) Done -> Messenger (Most of my friends communicate through iMessage so I exported the card to my group chat)


Do you have any creative Christmas Cards you’d like to share with us? Comment below and we’ll feature you in our blog!

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