Designer Q&A: Miriam E’Lan Designs

We know that you guys are loving our “Hello, Autumn” and “Lollie Shoppe” sticker packs, but did you know that they were both designed by the same person? We chatted with the designer, Miriam, about what inspires her and and about her love of collage! Check out the interview below.

1. What was the inspiration for the sticker packs you’ve created for PicCollage?

I was very driven to create sticker packs that I would like to use myself. I have been scrapbooking for many years and I love digital scrapbooking. So I am always thinking about what kind of graphics or stickers I would like to have next. I enjoy making graphics/stickers every single day.

2. What’s your favorite sticker in the packs?

It’s difficult choosing a favorite. I genuinely enjoyed creating each one. For some reason, my little “Mr. Fox” always stands out in my mind when I think of my ‘hello, Autumn” sticker pack. However, if you were to ask anyone who knows me, they’d say the Pumpkin Spice Latte would have to be my favorite! (haha!)

 3. How did you become an artist?

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. As a child I loved going to art museums and the symphony. I took classes at the local art museum where I grew up and even had some art displayed there. In high school my walls were literally covered in -get this- COLLAGES! I would cut out photos (of friends and family, my own drawings, magazines, etc.) and glue them to my walls (this was long before anyone had iPhones or iPads or anything lol). When I found the PicCollage app several years ago, I quickly learned how to use PNG’s on it and digitally scrapbook my photos. My mom had been encouraging me to sell my templates for years but I didn’t think I could. I definitely wanted to make my own graphics/stickers though. Then I began getting offers from people on Facebook wanting to buy the things I had made and wanting me to scrapbook photos for them. So earlier this year, I decided to just go for it & start my own graphic design business, Miriam-E’lab Designs.

4. What inspires you when you’re creating?

As a graphic designer, I can’t go anywhere without looking at designs, graphics or patterns and being inspired. I take pictures of things that inspire me all the time when I go places (textiles, graphics, etc.). It helps me organize all my scattered, creative thoughts a bit.

5. Anything else you’d like to add?

I would just like to thank PicCollage (especially Priscilla) for giving me this opportunity to create for them. It’s been such a positive experience and I hope to continue working with PicCollage in the future. The users are amazing. They have been so sweet and I love getting their feedback! You can check out more of my work on Instagram at @miriam_elan_designs or visit my Etsy shop to purchase more stickers!

Thanks, Miriam! We’re loving your designs 🙂 (P.S. How cute are her kids in these collages?) 👇

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