How To: Create Product Collages

piccollage-9We know that bloggers love creating product collages featuring the clothes and accessories they’re wearing now. In the past, it was only through advanced programs like Photoshop and InDesign that you could create professional looking graphics. But with PicCollage it’s simple to create something beautiful for your blog, social media, or personal use. Our social media manager, Laura, who uses PicCollage for her blog (obvi) shares a step-by-step guide to create your own.

Note: This PicCollage was created on an iPad. Since there is no landscape mode on iOS, the device was physically turned when creating this.

  1. Add Text – If you haven’t checked out our new fonts, do it now. Then add the title for your collage.


2. Add Photos – I recommend choosing the images before starting your collage and saving them to your camera roll. For a really clean collage, choose products that have a white background.img_4146
img_41473. Clip the images – Even if you’ve chosen all images with white backgrounds that fade into the background of your collage, I still recommend clipping the images with your finger so that you can place the images close to each other without overlapping. Β Double tap an image and then tap “Clip” to use this feature.


img_41504. Arrange the images! This is the fun part. Once you’ve added all of the products you want to feature and clipped them, you can arrange them in anyway you want. To size the image, you can use the Magic Dot feature, shown below on the scarf in the middle of the collage. This dot lets you make the image bigger or smaller, or turn it to any angle you your like. INSIDER TIP: If you shake your iOS device, all of the images and text in your collage will automatically straighten. Try it, it’s fun πŸ™‚img_4152

5. Publish! Once you’re all done, share your collage! To seeΒ how I added this collage to my blog, check it out here. Β If you have any questions or want to share the product collages you’ve created, comment below!piccollage-9

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  1. SO glad I found this post! I have Photoshop Elements but it’s still quite fiddly and I don’t always have time to do it at home. I just downloaded the Pic Collage app during my lunch hour AND made a collage in that time for a blog post I’ve been working on! I love the font options too!

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