WINNERS: PicCollage Olympics! 🏅

This summer, in celebration of the Olympic Games in Rio, were hosting our first ever PicCollage Olympics! For those who haven’t been following along, the PC Olympics consists of series of events every few days and winners will be posted RIGHT HERE. We wanted to see teamwork in action and see what would happen when PicCollagers get inspiration from each other and collaborate on one collage. Today we’re featuring the winners of events 1 and 2, so scroll down to see who’s kicking butt!

First, PicCollagers had to create teams of 3-5.682x1024

After finding teams within PicCollage, the first event was to create a collage of everyone’s hobbies.

682x1024 (1)

First Place – Creative Instinct

Second Place – Team PicCollgers

Third Place – The PC Tumblr Squad

The second event was to collage everyone’s summer memories. The collages had to flow well and highlight amazing summer activities.

First Place – Spice Girls Team

Second Place – Creative Instinct

Third Place – Team Kendall Kisses

Congrats to all the winners and stay tuned for more winner announcements here on the blog!

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  1. Hey! I do love those collages you chose to win, however, how come there are no fandom collages? I may be biased because I am on a team called Dumbledore’s army, but I just thought that it seemed fishy that no fandom collages were winners. I mean, those people work just as hard and make amazing collages as well. It seems curious that none of them won, especially because I have only ever seen 1 fandom collage featured. And that one collage got a lot of hate. I just think PC might be a little afraid of the results and/or biased.

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