June’s PicCollager of the Month!

This month’s PicCollager is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most active person I’ve seen on PicCollage! Her PicCollage name is: Waybackintolove.

I remember when I first met her she gave me tips on how to get more followers and how to create great collages. Soon after she was on the pop page and making features all over the place. If you need advice from PicCollage, she’s the one to go to. Although she has over 12k followers, she’ll always be there for you if you have any problems or just need someone to talk to.

Check out her collages! She has a consistent theme of inspirational quotes that she puts together, and soft image that ties in the whole collage together.

Here’s our interview together:
Me: Hey waybackintolove, congrats on PicCollager of the month! You were very popular on votes, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

waybackintlove: To start off, my name is Grace Hanson 🙂 I have a twin sister name Chloe. I am an athletic person and also I love science!

Me: Well hello Grace! When did you start PicCollage?

waybackintolove: I started Pic Collage January 15th 2016.

Me: And what brought you on?

waybackintolove: Inspiration, Hope, Laughs, Expressing your feelings, and most importantly my friends at Pic Collage.

Me: That’s amazing! Sounds like tons of good vibes, how often do you go on?

waybackintolove: Mostly everyday. You can say I’m addicted to Pic Collage lol.

Me: Where do you get your inspiration from for all your collages?

waybackintolove: I get inspired by Science or the cosmos, anything that has to do with technology etc. I get inspired by colleges and quotes also.

Me: You mentioned that your friends bring you back to PicCollage, and who are these friends of yours?

waybackintolove: My best friends are Cecil2004, iluvsushi, -cosmic_, ToInfinityAndBeyond, _Snowflake ! And lots more 🙂
They’ve been really helpful to me and supportive to what I’ve been through. They really care about me and I care about them to and also they are pretty funny. I just wanna thank you for Cecil2004 for the things she’s done to me.

Me: That’s a lot of best friends! I’m sure you have tons, I always see lots of people commenting on your collages, do you typically respond to everyone?

waybackintolove: Well yes of course I reply to everyone even they are little accounts because I just want to be fair for people here on Pic Collage.

Me: That’s really nice of you. What would you like to tell your 12k followers?

waybackintolove:  I’d like to say that thank you for all of the support! And 12k?! OMG I just wanna hug you all guys! My goal was 10k and now we’re at 12k?! Thank you 🙂

Me: Haha, I’m sure they would love to give you a hug too. What do you do outside of PicCollage, do you have any hobbies?

waybackintolove: Well I go outside and lay at the grass and think about life and how will it be. I particularly think of cosmos next.
My hobbies include reading documentaries of cosmos, Soccer, gymnastics, Taekwando, and baseball!

Me: Wow! You’re very sporty, it’s great that you can still have time for everything and become one of the most popular users on PicCollage. Thanks so much for your time and congrats again on making it to PicCollager of the Month!

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