Last minute ideas for a Father’s Day gift!


“A son’s first HERO and a daughter’s first LOVE

Father’s day is coming up this Sunday! I remember back in elementary school when teacher’s would ask, “Who’s your hero?” My cliche answer would always be “My daddy!” As a person who always learned by myself, I always loved observing my dad. As I watched him fixing things on the computer, I have always thought he was part robot. I knew he was also part human because he has always cared for me and tended my wounds, such as when I mistakenly thought I could handle the bicycle down the hill by myself.

Every year, I would create little crafts for my dad that we were required to make during  the school day. Over time, I realized that I could just buy my dad gifts (a tie that he could wear out, new sunglasses that make him look younger, and other accessories). As much as he liked those gifts, I felt that today would be a good occasion to craft something more sentimental for him, a present that he can always use!

Check out his gift that I created! Below, I’ve also included step-by-step instructions.


Since my dad loves reading books, I got him a wooden book box where he can keep things like car keys, pens, and etc. inside! I also customized it by adding a photo within the book box. Here’s how I created it with PicCollage:

Materials Needed:
-Wooden Material
-Mod Podge Glue
-Print out of your image

1) Creating the Collage

– Go to your PicCollage App, click on Templates and choose any of the Father’s Day Templates.
– Click the “+” icon to add photos (I’ve selected 8 photos) then arrange them the way you’d like
– (Optional) I added some Father’s Day stickers to fill in the space, you can also add your own text
– Save your photo to your library

2) Picking out the right wooden gift

– I went to Michael’s Craft Store and went to the wooden box section (there are multiple options, feel free to use one with a blank canvas where you can input your photo)
– I also bought Mod Podge Glue at Michael’s!

3) Printing out the image

-When printing your image, I suggest looking for a laser jet printer for better results
-Measure the size of the wooden gift and plan ahead what size you’d like to print your image (mine was 5×7)
-Make sure you flip your image horizontally before printing so that the image comes out the right way up

4) Begin Crafting!

IMG_5279(Here are all the tools together)

You’ll first want to cut out the image and measure where you’d want the picture to be:

Next, you’ll use your Mod Podge Glue to glue the front side of the image. Make sure that it’s even thicker than what I’ve shown below.

You can now place the image onto your wooden box!

Let your box dry over night (or up to 8 hours for the best resolution!)

We’re onto the final steps! Now, grab a damp, wet towel and place it over your box. Let the image soak up. Then gently begin rubbing off the paper:

After you’ve rubbed off the paper, you should have your finished product to give to your dad! Feel free to paint the sides and decorate it a bit more.

Post your outcome on Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #PCFathersDay !

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