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To some people, PicCollage isn’t just an editing tool, nor is it a cute app that allows you to add stickers, send out cards, and etc. To some people, PicCollage is their escape, their passion, and their comfort.

When I first started PicCollage, I used the app to stitch my photos together and slap on a sticker, and voilà! Just like that, I was done. However, as I stumbled upon the Featured Feed, I began to realize that these collages weren’t the product of minutes of work. Instead, they were a intricate pieces of art that took time and precision to create.

With my lifelong passion for art, I tried to replicate these collages, and I came to the Featured Feed regularly to be inspired. It turns out to be a lot harder than it looks, so I decided to learn from and to interview one of our users: _cosmic-. She took the term ‘collaging’ to a whole new level.She turned out to be extremely kind and helpful (she even regularly engages in conversations with her 19k followers!) Check out some of my favorite collages she’s posted below. Here’s what she has to say:


[Priscilla (Me)]: Hey _cosmic-, to start off, how did you even come up with your name?

[_cosmic-]: I like to see [the] night sky and it was kind of inspired by the documentary, “Cosmos”.

[Priscilla]: Wow that’s so inspiring! Is that where you get your inspiration for your amazing collages?

[_cosmic-]: Yeah, I [also] get inspiration from others collages and arts from Pinterest and photos from weheartit. Sometimes I’m just inspired by random quotes and words.

[Priscilla]: Oh! I use those websites too, I never thought of using those websites to create collages, haha. How long does it take you to make your collages?

[_cosmic-]: It usually takes more than 30 minutes per collage. It’s because my collages are kind of elaborate.

[Priscilla]: Yeah, yeah I totally see what you mean. So 30 minutes per collage, and how often do you use PicCollage overall?

[_cosmic-]: Everyday. Like 4 times a day

[Priscilla]: Wow, that’s serious commitment. What’s the best experience you’ve had with PicCollage?

[_cosmic-]: My best experience in PicCollage? Well there’s too much to choose from. I think it was when I was not as big as I am now. I’ve got a lot of help from friendly collagers. They gave me inspirations, taught me how to make good edits.. And most importantly, they cheered me up when something bad happens and congratulated me on good news.

[Priscilla]: That is so sweet, I totally get how great some people on PicCollage can be. What kind of message or feeling do you want our audience to take away from your collages?

[_cosmic-]: I want my followers to feel happy and inspired when seeing my collages

[Priscilla]: Haha, that’s definitely where I got my inspiration! Do you have any other hobbies outside of PicCollage?

[_cosmic-]: Running, reading ,and making videos (but I don’t share them).

[Priscilla]: Cool! It looks like we’re about out of time, is there something you’d like to tell your followers?

[_cosmic-]: Keep yourself smiling.

[Priscilla]: You keep smiling too _cosmic-! Thank you for your time.


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  1. Aw this is so sweet! _cosmic- is such a kind and amazing person and is one of the best collagers I know! I just cannot WAIT to read the next: Collager Of The Month! 🙂

  2. Hiya, I was just wondering what you have to do to be the PicCollage of the month, or if you could recommend people for it. I know plenty of friends who in my opinion, deserve PicCollager of the month. Thanks!

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