Perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day

My mom isn’t really into any of this “app stuff” that we do here at PicCollage, but she does use her iPhone almost every hour of the day.  Mostly for email and text messaging, not even for photo-taking.  She has maybe half a page-full of apps on her phone, half of which she actually uses.  She is a minimalist, but she still keeps the Mother’s Day card I sent to her 17 years ago from London (which happens to fall in March in the UK, whilst she was in the US, where Mother’s Day is in May) hanging in her kitchen.  It didn’t matter that I got the date wrong, or that I was half way across the world, or that the card spelled “Mum” instead of “Mom”, it’s still on the wall.

Lesson learned?  For mom, it’s no frills, something heart-felt, something money can’t buy.  Memories. Photos. Walls. Print.  So I spent a few minutes to do this:

Now that I have a card, what should I do for her gift?  Even though my mom doesn’t use many apps, she does love a pretty phone case for what has now surpassed her desktop as her main device for communication.  Since I’ve already created a collage, I might as well just tap the next button to print it out as a phone case!


This isn’t all!  Here’s one more reason to start printing this weekend: In recognition of the month of May, when we celebrate mothers, graduates, and workers (May 1 is International Workers’ Day) all over the world, our phone cases will be 20% off this weekend (Apr 30-May 2), with free global shipping!

PicCollage is not just about putting photos together and saving them on your phone… we want to extend those memories from your phone, out into your mom’s kitchen, your daughter’s phone case, your husband’s desk.


update: Mom just read this post and sent me a photo of the card in her kitchen 🙂


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  1. Hey pic collage love the app use it all the time just saw your collager of the month collage and that you have a blog so here I am checking it out!!

    1. hi Samantha, thanks for loving PicCollage and using it all the time 🙂 are you entering our contests for collager of the month, too?

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