Image Search Issues

PicCollage(1)Many of you have noticed that our image search has changed pretty dramatically in the past few weeks. We recently discovered that Google has deprecated its image search engine API. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Well, it means that the web search service is not available anymore. (Read: BIG bummer) As a temporary fix, we’re using our own database instead, which provides the web images that have been shared to PicCollage in the past. The search results are limited and not as precise or relevant, but we are working on other solutions and will make another fix soon.  Our team is working around the clock to get things back to normal. Thanks so much for bearing with us! We love you guys!

xoxo, the PicCollage team

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  1. Hi is there any update please? the image Web search is a critical feature for me that saves me so much time

  2. I still cannot see images when I go to web search the gifs appear in the search and if I select an image that is blank it goes into my collage as a picture but I cannot see the selection before I click on it

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