Around the World!


We love all of our sticker packs, but we’re pretty obsessed with our new Around the World stickers. Maybe we’ve got summer vacation on the brain 🙂  We asked you guys to create collages of your dream trips and now we want to travel everywhere. Tell us in the comments where you want to go!

pc1 pc2 pc4 PC6PC5  pc7 pc8

11 thoughts

  1. I would really like to go Egypt and explore the history and the pyramids etc that is my dream and I will fulfil it.

  2. Hey PC!!! I would like to ask you if we will be able to add our own videos I’m the future? My account is REAL and I want videos from my camera roll, since I don’t have a YouTube channel.

      1. thank you! because I am a gymnast and I would love to have my own videos, but I don’t have YouTube. (ps. my account is SunnyParadise, so if you would check mine out that would be amazing!)

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