New App! Introducing Pic Collage for Kids

We’re excited to announce Pic Collage for Kids, THE safest, most fun collage app available. Perfect for elementary and middle schoolers, Pic Collage for Kids offers over 80 awesome backgrounds, hundreds of free stickers, and tons of fun fonts. Easily create amazing collages and save to the photo gallery, or send them by email or text message.

We created PicCollage for Kids as an alternative to the main PicCollage app, and as a way for parents, teachers and children to enjoy the collage editing experience in an age-appropriate environment – an environment free of the distraction of social features or features that require access to unfiltered Internet. For the main PicCollage app, we recently changed the age rating from 4+ to 12+ since a small portion of user-generated content might not be appropriate for younger users. So, for users 12 and under, we recommend PicCollage for Kids.  All of the awesome features of Pic Collage, in a safe fun environment.

Download the app today and tell us how you use Pic Collage for Kids! (And check out how one teacher uses PicCollage in class.)

PCKids1PCKids5PCKids3 PCKids4PCKids2

134 thoughts

  1. Ahaha yes much of my pic collage time is consumed by those wonderful social features! Love them though😊

  2. Cool! I think I’ll download it!! Ps my name is my PICCOLLAGE account! Go follow me and check it out!

  3. Already downloaded PLZ follow me my name is Strawbewylollipop123 and my other account is Lemonlollipop123 so plz follow me. Ps my Lemonlollipop account isn’t that good. I’m full of contests you can do and I have put up a service (a little service). Find out what it is about by following me and looking for it on my page.

    1. What I was going to say was the same thing but, why one for kids? Can’t we just use the adult version?, I mean it’s not like there’s a BIG difference.

  4. I think this is a great idea because it’s a safe way for kids to have fun making collages.

    – 7th grader at Trautmann Middle

  5. It does look the same, plus even though I’m young I still use the other one and its perfectly fine, I’m not saying I won’t get it cause I probably will its just why get the same app twice?

  6. This the exact same thing as the one now and kids use it to so I don’t really think that we need one just for kids.

    1. Lots of schools were requesting something that they could use in the classroom and parents of younger kids were looking for an option that didn’t allow for internet access.

      But we’re glad you’re using and loving PicCollage 😉

    1. That’s true, but this is a great option for schools who want to use PicCollage for educational programs or younger kind who don’t have PicCollage yet 🙂

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