Dream On, Dreamers


Recently we asked you guys to create collages showing us your dreams – and we were pretty blown away by the responses. You guys want to travel the world.  You want to become doctors, actors, artists, and Olympic athletes. You want to save animals, cure diseases, and create a more peaceful world. You can see all of the responses we got here and you can scroll down to see a few of our favorites. We’ve just got one thing to say – Keep dreaming! xo

Dream2 Dream3 Dream4 Dream5 Dream6 Dream7 Dream8 Dream9 Dream10 Dream11 Dream12 Dream13

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      1. It was a contest😐tell me who one pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!😆

  1. I love piccollage so much and thiese colloagers are just insanely good! Dream on until your dreams become reality👅🌟💫😍🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🌺🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

      1. Why did you put that face there you should put this face instead😀it looks like your a bit shy😦don’t be shy😆sorry if I was wrong😂

  2. Pic collage is great because you can create things and if you go on a holiday you can put photos on the places you went and I just love pic collage. Thank you

  3. All of this is super cute and I love it!!

    1. You are awesome👾👾👾😄😄😄😍😍😛😎😹😹😽😽😻😻😘😘😂😂😎😎😺😺😀😜😉😉😃😃😋☺️😇😅😆

  4. OMG mine is there I freaked out when my collage was featured! My first ever(mine is the one with the pink balloons) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️THANK YOU PC please follow and check out my page my name is PIE8137

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