GIF- tastic

originalWe all love GIFs. The only thing we might love more? GIFs in our PicCollages. Lucky for you, you can now add awesome, animated GIFs to your collages with just the touch of a button!

happy dance animated GIF

Here’s how it works:

1. Open a new collage and tap the “+” button
2. Tap “Web Images”
3. Tap the “GIFs” bar.
4. Search for awesome GIFs and add them to your collage.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how to do it:

*A couple important things to know:

1. GIFs are currently only available on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

2. The GIFs only move when you share your collage to PicCollage. If you share to another social network, they’ll show up, but they won’t be moving. (Bummer, we know.)

HAVE FUN! (We know we will.)

43 thoughts

  1. OMG Pic Collage thx soo much for these awesome tips I love pic collage it’s self my whole school uses it and I am soo famous on it!!! ( lol kinds) 😊

    love u Pic Collage
    ~Linneah Llama

  2. Will we ever be able to get gifts to move on other social networks? I really hope we can so I can show my friends my work

  3. I don’t understand, what’s the point of having gifs if you can only see them in PicCollage ?

  4. Hey, I had pic collage for a long time… And I erased all my collages. Good thing I saved them to my gallery but still, a while ago I got a notification from you guys saying oh la de da gif’s are added! And I used it a little bit and went off, and now there gone, please fix it!
    Phone:Android maxx
    -Brynn Cannon

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