Maroon 5 + PicCollage = A perfect match

M5When we launched our on-going contest campaign with Interscope Records and Maroon 5 in early September to celebrate the release of their new album “V” we knew that it would be popular, but even we were surprised by the results.  The Maroon 5 sticker pack (a PicCollage exclusive) was downloaded by ONE MILLION USERS, and the stickers were used millions and millions of times to create collages that spread the word about Maroon 5 and their new album. That’s a lot of Maroon 5 love!

For the on-going series of collage contests, over 20,000 PicCollage users have entered so far for the chance to win everlasting glory and fame…  and an official Maroon 5 t-shirt and a copy of the new album!  These creative users combined photos, stickers, text and even music videos from YouTube to make beautiful, vintage, funny, and inspirational collages. It was super difficult to pick a winner from all the great entries, but eventually, winners for the first 3 contests (shown below) were hand picked by Interscope and Maroon 5.  The fourth and last contest is coming up so you still have one more chance to take part and win!

M5_1Maroon5_1Winner M5_2Maroon5_2Winner M5_3Maroon5_3Winner

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  1. Can you add Broken_scars on the pouplar page? She is my bestie and she is awesome and hangs out with almost every person on the pouplar page. Please. Just giver her a chance she is epic.

  2. Yeah, you really should. She is my bestie too. I’m on the pouplar page. I think she is better than me!

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