Vintage Stickers


Have you downloaded our new Vintage sticker pack yet? No? Well, here are two reasons you probably should:

1. They’re super cute. And who doesn’t want super cute stickers to add to their collages? We can’t choose our favorite, but the camera is definitely up there.

2. If you add one (or more!) of the vintage stickers to your collage, you have an increased chance of getting on the featured page!

Cute stickers, even cuter collages, and you getting featured. It’s a win-win-win.

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6 thoughts

  1. Would u please check out my page on PicCollage? It would mean the world to be on the popular page or have a photo featured!! My username is _xDREAMSx_

    1. You can’t just do that. You have to make good collages with lots of like/response. I’m not trying to be mean but i just wanna tell you that this is kinda cheating.

  2. can we have chibi stickers but make them be free plz i also think that making the washie tape cost money is stupid i downloded it when it was free then it undownloded it and now i have to pay to have the washie tape stickers pz make them free agin

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