Summer Fashion (with Pixable!)

For one of our latest contests, we decided to partner with our friends over at Pixable for a Summer Fashion on a Budget contest. Pixable chose PicCollager SassyCupcake as the winner. You can see her awesome collage below. We’ve also shared a few other entries that we loved, too! Some of the most popular brands featured were H&M, Hollister, Forever 21, and Essie. Which stores or brands help you get your favorite summer look?

original (1) originaloriginal (2)original (3)original (4)original (5)original (6)

5 thoughts

  1. I really like the summer outfits that are posted on here. They give me an idea of what to wear when going out and hanging with friends or even with my family. Your doing a great job with these outfits and coming up with what to wear.

  2. GUYS,please I have a question!If you have a college that you want to post on contests how do u do it.PLEASE RESPOND!!!!

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