Brands that got voted off the island

We did a little experiment recently, asking PicCollage users to tell us what ONE food they would take with them if they were stranded on a desert island. In just a few days we got over 1000 responses, with answers ranging from bacon to broccoli. The first thing that stood out was that Starbucks and Pizza were by far the most popular answers:

1)   People love pizza. Ok, in and of itself, this isn’t really news. BUT when you consider that pizza was the most popular generic food mentioned by PicCollage users, but NOT ONE pizza brand was ever mentioned, it makes us think that pizza brands need to up their game a bit when marketing to young women.

2) People love Starbucks. Again, not an earth shattering conclusion. 113 of the 1082 responses we got mentioned Starbucks, but NONE of the responses mentioned coffee generically. To our users, Starbucks is not coffee – it is something much, much better and it defines its own category.

Our conclusions: Even though pizza and Starbucks were popular responses in this experiment, they only accounted for about 20% of the responses combined. There’s still a huge opportunity for brands to dominate PicCollage and to become the definitive names in their categories.

In addition, pizza is a $36 billion industry in the US and 40% of orders are made online. PizzaHut alone made $13B in revenue, while Starbucks made $16B in 2013 (globally) … so why isn’t one of the big 5 pizza brands dominating their category the way Starbucks does?





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