What would you do without your bestie? You don’t event want to think about it, do you? Don’t worry, we’d never ask you to. We’ll just ask you to peruse the collection of BFF collages we’ve come across on PicCollage in the past few days. Now we’re brainstorming collages to send our besties. What will you collage for yours?

bffbff2bff3bff bff1 bff3bff4

5 thoughts

  1. Hi Pic Collage,
    I have the app on my iPad and I love it. I think you should make a app for like Windows computers and stuff.

  2. I think we should be able to use videos from our device. And also there should be an unpopular page for the people that don’t have a lot of followers so they can be followed

  3. A friend recommended me PicCollage this past December and I have loved it since. Although I love it, a couple of features I would love to be added is lowest to highest price filtering, as well as user-created sticker packs and backgrounds. I have looked all over the site (blog included) and do not see anything indicating user-created packs.
    If it changes PicCollage drastically, please do not hesitate to put these ideas away.

    PicCollage user since December 2016 & account user since June 2017

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