How To: Get More Followers


Since we launched PicCollage Social, users have been writing to us asking how they can get more followers. Here’s our advice.

1. Create collages on a regular basis.

People always like to see great new stuff in their feeds. If they can count on you to create new content often, they’ll be more likely to follow you.

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2. Comment on other collages.

If you love someone’s collages, tell them! People always love getting compliments and if you give them feedback on a collage you really like, they’ll be more likely to check out your profile!

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3. Ask questions!

Want to know what other users are thinking? Just ask! People love responding to collages like this and it will help you get an idea of what people like (i.e., what types of collages they’d like to see from someone they follow!).

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4. Have a contest!

Create a contest about anything you want and ask users to enter in exchange for a follow or a shoutout.

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Good luck and keep collaging!

35 thoughts

  1. One person posted a collage saying ‘wouldn’t this app be better if you could post videos too?’ Well have you guys ever given that idea a thought? Maybe that would be a cool thing to add.

  2. I want to report a user her name is sugar_bella_sugar she is posting inaproprite pictures if girls and guys together.

  3. Thanks Pic Collage! It’s kinda hard for me because I like my posts to be about what my page is about and it’s about like divergent and fandoms and stuff like that. And I have a question. How do you choose what to feature on the featured page? Do you choose what is already popular or like randomly choose or like try to pick a variety of pictures?



  4. I spent too much time with college but I enjoyed seen the beauty come out at the end.

  5. I love the app, but is there an undo option? because ive messed up the layout before trying to make additions, and it’s really hard to get it back exactly the same, and i think resizing should be easier. I’ll post this in reviews too, but can you please give it a thought? thanks!!

    ps: PC name above.

  6. I forgot my password and you said you would remain me and it’s been like 6hpurs and I can’t get back on if can you please email it to me Thank you for you your time

  7. Awesome but can you tell me how to get more likes because I have 700+ followers but nobody likes my collages as much as they did before.

  8. People don’t comment so should I comment more? And how do you get on the popular page can you please tell me or make a post so I know

  9. This doesn’t really work, the real way of getting more followers is to follow a lot of people, life lesson.

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