Randos Sticker Pack

Our latest sticker pack was designed by @surferhana. We asked her a few questions about the awesome new stickers and about herself. Here’s what she had to say…

1. What was the inspiration behind the Randos stickers?

 So the idea behind my sticker pack was random and sketchy as in it looks like someone doodled all over their notebook etc. I was especially inspired by popular hipster/cute things that I found online.


PicCollage (2)

2. Favorite sticker?

my favorite sticker would haft to be the boys have cooties one because it took me the longest to draw and I really like how it turned out

Untitled artwork

3. How did you get into drawing/art? Do you plan on pursuing it further?

i started loving art very early, my mom loves art as well so I think I got it from her. And I do hope to pursue it further, I love all types of art from video, photography, design, etc.

4. Favorite PicCollage you’ve made?

My favorite collage would have to be the one i made after a trip from France, there are multiple pictures of us goofing off and having fun. It was really fun to make and the best looking one I have made personally. 

hanacollage1 hanacollage2

5. Favorite PicCollage feature?

my favorite feature would have to be the stickers because it’s a great way to jazz the photo up and they are all extremely cute


6. Celeb crush

I have several celebrity crushes including Beau Mirchoff, Austin Butler, Zac Efron, Nick Roux, Harry styles, anyone from one direction, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder

PicCollage (1)

7. Dream vacation

My dream vacation would be to go to Australia to surf and sight see or Dubai


8. Best advice you’ve received

You can’t just dream it you have to do it.

9. Describe yourself in 3 words

Creative, crazy, and bold are definitely three words I would use to describe my self.

10. Favorite food

My favorite food is Rum Raisin ice cream because it’s just amazing.

11. Favorite quote

I love Walt Disney and so really anything he has said whether the quote is said through a character or him either way I love every quote he has ever said.

12. Tell us a secret 🙂

I don’t like most common things? Is that a secret? I never really announced it to much but I’m not a big fan of those “cool” tumblr things like Starbucks etc. i like them but I’m not obsessed.

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  1. You guys should do a sticker pack where like you have a sticker contest and users try to make their own and give ideas so it’s like a user created thing and you should also do like a gothic one with like black,white and red! It would be so amazing if you did any of these! So please!!!!! I will post some inspiration on my page Miss_Divergent!

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