Safety First! PicCollage offers School Settings

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We want everyone to be able to use and love PicCollage. And we mean everyone. So when teachers started writing in and telling us that they loved using PicCollage in the classroom, but that they were coming across some less-than-appropriate material for the little ones, we got to work! And School Settings were born.

Pic Collage now offers two school-related settings. Teachers can decide if they want to allow or disallow their students to see collages shared by others and if they want to allow or disallow their students to search for images from the web. The settings are accessible from the iOS “Settings” app, under the heading ‘Pic Collage.’

Just switch the “Allow Photos from Web” and “School Mode” buttons from green…

 photo 2

To white. And you’ll be good to go!

photo 1

8 thoughts

    1. That’s why we came up with the School Settings feature! 🙂 This way students can use the app for projects without being able to access inappropriate content online.

    2. Pic collage is an amazing app to use at home and school, we were fine with it without school settings, but now, it helps use to thrive at being AWESOME! 🙂

    3. Not appropriate for my 7th grade student.

      At what point are user pictures moderated for inappropriate content?!

      Beyond frustrating.

  1. Thank you for this upgrade! I have used PicCollage with my 1st graders for the past 2 years, it is definitely one of our top 3 “Go to” apps. This is also one of the 1st apps I I talk about when presenting to other educators. The ability to turn off the social features has made this extremely user friendly again!! We don’t use photos from the web at this point as our district network blocks us unfortunately. 🙁

  2. So school mode is supposed to be off? I don’t even see this option in my settings, just ‘allow sociall features’, ‘allow photos from web’ and ‘allow video’. Is there a different version of the app that is needed? Please help pic collage.

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