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Hi PicCollagers! With over 150 million users, we get a lot of questions about PicCollage and how to use the app to make your collages as awesome as possible. Thanks to our great customer service ticketing program, UserVoice, we’re able to answer these questions pretty easily. But we figured we’d feature some of the most common questions here on our blog (plus a few fun tricks to make your collages amazing).

1) How do I get PicCollage?

Capture       Capture

If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod-Touch, you can download it from the App Store (for free!) by searching for “Pic Collage”:

If you have an Android device, you can download it from Google Play (for free!) by searching for “PicCollage”, or going to this link:

2) How do I share my PicCollage?

You can share your collages by tapping the lower right icon (the “Share” icon) of your collage and choosing what you would like to share with (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Email, or send a real postcard!).

If you want to share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, just tap on the circle next to the option to make it turn to green, and tap on the green Share button on the upper right corner to share it.

If you want to save it to your library, send it as an Email, or a postcard, just simply tap on the buttons on the share menu.

photo (2)

3) How do I crop a photo?

To crop a photo, just double-tap any photo in your collage and select “Clip Photo” and use your finger to outline the area that you would like to clip out and use in your collage.

If you want the cropped photo to be crop again with another shape, just double-tap that photo, and select “Clip Photo” again to edit the cropping.


4) How do I delete a collage?

Android:  Go to Profile -> Tap on the collage you want to delete -> Tap on the Setting button, and select Delete.

iOS: Go to Profile -> Tap on the collage you want to delete -> Tap on the Share button -> Others -> Delete collage.

5) How do I change my Username?

To change your username, tap on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of your profile page and select “Edit account info”.  You can edit your username there.

6) I forgot my password!

Do you see a OMG Forgot Password! link under the Login button?  Try tapping it and it’ll help you reset your password.

Log In

6) I can’t get access to my photos! Help!

To get access to your photos in library, please try this:

On your device, go to Settings => Privacy => Photos => PicCollage, and switch it “ON”. Re-launch PicCollage and you should be good to go!

7) How do I search for other users?

Profile => Settings (top right corner icon) => Find Friends => search (top-right icon)


8) My collages are too awesome for the public. How do I make my account Private?

To keep others from seeing your profile or the collages you post, you can set your account private:

1. tap on the upper right icon and select Settings
2. Edit account info
3. Under “Who can view your profile?”, you can choose Only Me (Private)

9) How do I delete my account?

PicCollage (1)

Nooooo! Why? Why? Why would you want to delete PicCollage? We love you so.

But ok. Fine. Provide us with your username or email that you used to sign up with, and we can delete your account for you 🙁

Come back anytime! Our door is always open 🙂

Hope this was helpful! Never hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions we can answer or if you just want to say “Hi!’ and share your latest PicCollage. xoxo


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  1. Hi pic collage help I want to make a phone case but I can’t find the icon anymore where has it gone and will we get it back?

    1. Hi Anna! You can make a phone case with any collage by tapping the “DONE” button and then selecting “Print and Ship”. Please let me know if you still can’t find it. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, if you delete PicCollage, all of your collage in the app will be deleted as well, but you are able to save your collages to your device or to send them via email or SMS. If you have done that, you will still have access to those collages, but you will obviously not be able to make any edits to them without the app. Hope that helps!

  2. When I choose SHARE and then MORE, it automatically goes to my WhatsApp. I want to be able to choose for myself how I want to share. Since I chose the option ALWAYS instead of JUST ONCE to share a pic via WhatsApp, i seem to be stuck now with WhatsApp as my default. How do I get my original setting of a list of choices for sharing. Thanks

  3. hello, pic collage has been under maintenance for quite a while now, i need it for a school project. what do i do now?

    1. Hi there, unfortunately there isn’t a way to connect directly to your Pinterest account through PicCollage, but we recommend that you save the images from Pinterest that you want to use to your device. Then you can easily add them to your PicCollage from your camera roll!

  4. I am having issues with the “Sea Escape” stickers that I purchased. Almost all of them pop up an error that says, “Image can’t be loaded at this time, please choose another image.” I have tried waiting. I have tried rebooting the app, and still nothing. I purchased these specifically to complete my husband’s first anniversary gift, and only 5 our of 24 work! HELP!

  5. I’m trying to make a cool profile picture for my instagram. Is there any way I can cut it to be a circle? I try using my finger but its all jagged and not circular.

  6. How do I access my saved collages from a different device? I want my collages from my phone to be on my iPad.

  7. can I keep two collage projects in the edit mode, and reopen them later? I’m making a collage and I’m afraid if i lost the edit mode if i saved it as an image and opened another one..

  8. I love Pic Collage! However, I ran into a problem I had never had before. In trying to write ( text) on a pre chosen card, it always displayed on the background of the card. However, I can no longer do that for some unknown reason. A gray box appears on background of card on which the message appears. Please tell me how to avoid that as nothing I do seems to change, delete or get me back to where I was. Thanks

  9. I have the app on my Samsung phone and on my Windows tablet/laptop. I paid the $1.99 on my tablet/laptop so that I wouldn’t have the watermark. Does that carry over to my Samsung? Also, should I be able to see the collages I made on moth devices? If so, how do I do this?

  10. Hi I just tried to print a 4 by 6 collage out on a photo paper but it only printed on half the sheet, why will it not print the whole thing on the full size photo paper? Am I doing something wrong?

  11. Help! I changed my photos to black and white but now I cannot change them back to color. How or where do I do this? frustrated

  12. I’ve created a collage and saved it as HD. It saved as a .jpg as I expected. But not I can’t open that file. Why? I need to have it printed at Staples and wonder if they will be able to open it.

    1. Hi there, if you have saved your collages to your camera roll, you should still be able to access them even if you remove the PicCollage app from your phone.

  13. Bring back crop photo for android please! Cutout looks janky as cutting with my finger doesn’t produce clean lines!

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