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Hi PicCollagers! With over 150 million users, we get a lot of questions about PicCollage and how to use the app to make your collages as awesome as possible. Thanks to our great customer service ticketing program, UserVoice, we’re able to answer these questions pretty easily. But we figured we’d feature some of the most common questions here on our blog (plus a few fun tricks to make your collages amazing).

1) How do I get PicCollage?

Capture       Capture

If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod-Touch, you can download it from the App Store (for free!) by searching for “Pic Collage”:

If you have an Android device, you can download it from Google Play (for free!) by searching for “PicCollage”, or going to this link:

2) How do I share my PicCollage?

You can share your collages by tapping the lower right icon (the “Share” icon) of your collage and choosing what you would like to share with (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Email, or send a real postcard!).

If you want to share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, just tap on the circle next to the option to make it turn to green, and tap on the green Share button on the upper right corner to share it.

If you want to save it to your library, send it as an Email, or a postcard, just simply tap on the buttons on the share menu.

photo (2)

3) How do I crop a photo?

To crop a photo, just double-tap any photo in your collage and select “Clip Photo” and use your finger to outline the area that you would like to clip out and use in your collage.

If you want the cropped photo to be crop again with another shape, just double-tap that photo, and select “Clip Photo” again to edit the cropping.


4) How do I delete a collage?

Android:  Go to Profile -> Tap on the collage you want to delete -> Tap on the Setting button, and select Delete.

iOS: Go to Profile -> Tap on the collage you want to delete -> Tap on the Share button -> Others -> Delete collage.

5) How do I change my Username?

To change your username, tap on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of your profile page and select “Edit account info”.  You can edit your username there.

6) I forgot my password!

Do you see a OMG Forgot Password! link under the Login button?  Try tapping it and it’ll help you reset your password.

Log In

6) I can’t get access to my photos! Help!

To get access to your photos in library, please try this:

On your device, go to Settings => Privacy => Photos => PicCollage, and switch it “ON”. Re-launch PicCollage and you should be good to go!

7) How do I search for other users?

Profile => Settings (top right corner icon) => Find Friends => search (top-right icon)


8) My collages are too awesome for the public. How do I make my account Private?

To keep others from seeing your profile or the collages you post, you can set your account private:

1. tap on the upper right icon and select Settings
2. Edit account info
3. Under “Who can view your profile?”, you can choose Only Me (Private)

9) How do I delete my account?

PicCollage (1)

Nooooo! Why? Why? Why would you want to delete PicCollage? We love you so.

But ok. Fine. Provide us with your username or email that you used to sign up with, and we can delete your account for you 🙁

Come back anytime! Our door is always open 🙂

Hope this was helpful! Never hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions we can answer or if you just want to say “Hi!’ and share your latest PicCollage. xoxo


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  1. Hi pic collage I’ve seen people on pic collage have Gifs as their profile pictures I just wanted to ask how can I too it’s been making me upset for a while XD

    1. To make your profile picture a gif you need to be on a computer. When you’re on a computer go to a gif site ( and save a gif you like to your computer. Once it’s saved go to Pic Collage (on your computer) and login. On Pic Collage go to settings and press the tab that saves “edit profile.” You should be able to change your profile picture to the gif. Hope this helped.

    2. Try looking on the internet, some times there are GIFs randomly scattered through the images section. Hope that was helpful!! 😊

  2. Hey PicC I saw a lot of people have Gifs as their profile pictures. I just wanted to ask if I can too XD IF I can or not idk… Thanks! :3 -GalxysIceTea ^w^

    1. Hi there, when you’re finished with your collage, tap the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen and you can choose to post your collage to PicCollage, FB, Twitter, Instagram, email, or SMS. Hope this helps!

  3. Ok piccollage, I appreciate that you featured me 6 times and also people that worked at your company follows me :)☺️And also letting me be in Popular Users😭But something is bothering me because if I report someone my collage gets deleted and I even asked my friends if they had this problem before, so they told me they did before. So I had no problem with it I mean like I could just repost it :/ or maybe it could be a glitch idk…and afree that I reported someone AGAIN because someone was bullying a person.. And my Collage GOT deleted again…I re-downloaded Picollage my collages I did weren’t saved if I log into the account. And also I had problems with gifs, it keeps showing up when I cover it up with something I wanted to surprise someone but it didn’t work :-/ I know that you’re working other types of things..but please answer back right away contact me at my piccollage ~ Waybackintolove

  4. Hi, i accidentally deleted the app and when i downloaded it again all of my collages had been deleted. What do i do?

  5. Dear piccollage
    I was wondering how you can rotate text (and pictures!)
    I’ve often been trying to make somthing on piccollage, but not succeeded beacause I couldn’t figure out how to rotate text and pictures.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Emily, if you just hold one finger at each end of the text box or image, you should be able to move it, change the size, rotate it, etc. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Tracy, if you just hold one finger at each end of the text box or image and pull outward, you should be able to move it, change the size, rotate it, etc. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi, I had the piccollage app on my ipod and now that I have a computer with window 10, I want to transfer my sticker but I can’t… can you please help me?? I had connected both on my facebook account but still, on my computer I have to pay again for stickers I already have….

  7. Hey, I made a remix that I hate a days can’t figure out how go delete it, could you tell me how? Its probably super obvious but I’m getting really frustrated😂

    1. Hey, find the remix that you want to delete and in the top right corner there should be three dots “…” Tap on that and there will be the option to delete 🙂

    1. Check out the GIF feature (Go to “Web search” and tip “GiFs” at the top of the screen). We also have a few animated sticker packs. Hope this helps! 🙂

      1. Thank you that really helped but now I have a new problem I got the gifs but when I go to put one on a collage they stop moving😩 and where do you get the animated sticker packs ????☺

  8. hi I’ve post photo collage before by my iphone 6s but last i have uploaded a photo collage wich is not working.
    it’s appear the name as Collage but not run slide by slide.
    how can i run it on facebook?

  9. So I got a new phone and got piccolage again, but I forgot my username. I remember my password and email but I forgot my username. Help! Piccolage is like a necessity for me!😭

  10. I used and loved puck collage onot my old phone, but for some reason it’s not working now on my new phone. When. I try to share or save my collagws, it says it failed. What am I doing wrong??

  11. Hi, I don’t know why but I can’t share my collage??? I tried cropping it from the original version but it didn’t work; my friends had wayy more collages than me and still can post.


  12. Hey pic collage, every time I try to share a post on pic collage it always doesn’t seem to work. I have tried a number of times and still hasn’t worked 😬, hope you can help

  13. Hello I’ve been using pic collage for a few months, but suddenly I couldn’t post anything; I tried rebooting my iPad, didn’t work; I tried logging out and logging in back again; didn’t work either; I tried deleting some of my collages to save space; didn’t work because really, some of my friends have more shared work than me, i even tried using mobile version on my phone to post them and there’s no way either. The only way others can view my work is via remix. Sometimes, I couldn’t even comment. Help?
    Oh and how come the collages didn’t appear in my phone when I logged in? Is there a way to do that??

  14. Hi, I’ve downloaded piccollage on my PC that has windows 10 and everytime I try and insert a portrait photo it goes all lined and blurry but a landscape photo is fine. Can you please help

  15. Hello, how do you save a video to your phone bc I want to and it is only saving the cover picture of it?

  16. Hi I need this problem fixed as soon as possible, it is for work related purposes. I deleted all of my photos out of a collage and kept the layout thinking I could just start over and it would allow me to have 30, but NOW it is saying I have 30 when I only have 26. Also, the layout I have saved is not even a choice anymore when I look through the layout options. Please get back to me asap. Thank you.

  17. This is a very basic question but I just cannot figure out how to do it: I paid ($0.99)for the extra “decorative frames” (not sure of the exact name to enhance my collages but I have no idea how to add them! In fact, I cannot even find the feature when creating collages. Looked on the site for how-to but no luck.

  18. HELP! my app isn’t finding all of my photos on my photo roll or the albums that I have created. WHY?

  19. I can’t get my collage pic to save to my camera. It just keeps saying it is creating the image but this has been for over 5 minutes now?

  20. I just wanted to ask if there is a way to delete lots of pictures at once? Maybe on the computer? I am a old user and I want to delete lots of my old collages at once!

    P.s. Thanks for featuring me!

    1. Hi Kristen! You can add the link so that someone who sees your collage could type in that link to see the video, but there isn’t a way to link it so that they could tap the link to go straight to the video. Hope that helps!

  21. Why do my saved collages turn into a video when for others it’s a gif? I have to put it in another website and the hd quality is ruined!

    How can I possibly have it save as a gif? I always choose gif but it won’t work and it’s frustrating. I use an Android.

  22. Hi PicCollage! I posted a picture but I can’t see it or edit it. I did it 3 times, nothing, and when I posted a black picture with nothing on it, it popped up on my profile. I can’t look on my friends account for that picture either. What do I do?

    1. Hi John! The only way to work in landscape currently is to physically turn your device so that it is horizontal. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but hopefully this helps! 🙂

    1. Hi there, if you log out and log back in , you shouldn’t lose any of your collages. However, if you delete the app and then reinstall, you’ll lose any collages that are in progress. Hope this helps!

  23. I use pic collage on an android device, the print at home button seems to have disappeared so I can’t print my collages – help how can I print them??

  24. Can I edit a collage that a friend sends me? How do I “save as” collages to have several similar collages with slight differences without completely starting over?

    1. Hi Amanda, you aren’t able to edit a collage that a friend sends you via email, text, etc., but if your friend posts the collage to PicCollage, you would be able to make changes to it.

      Unfortunately there isn’t a “Save As” feature now, but we’ll pass that idea along to our team!

    1. Hi there! There are some things you can do in PicCollage without Wifi or Internet (adding text, adding images from your camera role, etc.) but you need to be connected to search the web, download sticker packs and backgrounds, and share your collages!

  25. Hi,
    I cannot access my collages from my iphone. I cannot even retrieve all the collages I have created.

    1. Hi there! Tap on the + sign at the bottom of your screen and then tap “Collected”. Then tap the little pencil icon at the bottom right corner. This will allow you to choose which of the images form your collected folder you would like to delete.

  26. Hello,
    Trying to figure out how to write a text box, but have the text stay in a straight line like a sentence. Every time I write more than 1 word it automatically returns and goes under the first word….??? I hate having to make a new text box for every single word…

  27. Hi piccolezze, I’m having trouble with posting on my computer. There is no way for me to post collages on my computer at all. No buttons, nothing. I can’t figure it out. Is it just my account or computer, or can you not post in general on the computer?

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