Hipster Chic Stickers (finally!)

We teased you with some hipster stickers back in the summer and then took them away! (Sorry about that – it had to be done.) But now the Hipster Stickers are back and better than ever! Artist Sara M. Lyons created this awesome new sticker pack for us and, we must, say, we’re in love. Which is your favorite? The doughnut? The smiling ghost? The best cat mask ever? We can’t choose!

Here are a few of our favorite Hipster collages so far, but we’re sure this list will grow daily!

Hipster4 Hipster5  collage Hipster3 Hipster2 Hipster1

3 thoughts

  1. •You should make more hipster stickers!
    •you should make hipster fonts!
    •you should make more stickers with “vibe” or “vibes”
    •you should make girly things too!!!
    (Pink,starbucks,bows,everything pink!!!!)

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