Featured Collager: Ella

Starting today, we’re not only going to be featuring our favorite collages, we’re also going to be featuring a few of our favorite users each month! And we’re kicking things off with Ella, whose quote collage really caught our eye. Inspirational, no?

Here’s what she had to say about her collage making style:
“I actually like to write quotes and search for some new ones. For example, I would go onto PicCollage and find as many quotes as I can find and I would clip the into different shapes and fit them together like a jigsaw! I place them one by one and put my favourite one in the middle and work my way around the page. I like my collages to look unique so thats why I clip them- I wouldn’t want rectangles because that doesn’t seem very creative. I would usually clip them around the words. I don’t make them for anyone in general but I do like to show my friends and family!”

Ella1 Ella5 Ella4 Ella3

We’re loving Ella’s collages and can’t wait to feature more of our awesome PicCollagers 🙂

2 thoughts

  1. Wow, great idea! I’ll check often to see new people! I’m going over to check out her page right now… 😉

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