#BlurredLines Sticker Pack


It’s pretty safe to say that “Blurred Lines” is the song of the summer. So we’re pumped to be partnering with Robin Thicke and Interscope Records for an exclusive #BlurredLines sticker pack. We can’t get the song out of our heads and now we can’t stop creating collages for it.

Whatever your favorite part of the video is (The lamb? The ice cream cone?), we’ve got a sticker for it. We’ll be highlighting our favorite #BlurredLines collages frequently and Interscope will feature their favorite once a week. So download the sticker pack and get collaging! No #BlurredLines here.

RobinThickPicCollage3 RobinThickePicCollage2photo (22) photo (3) (1)1375996091188photo (28) photo (27)  photo (25) photo (23)

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